Street Kids International

street kids1 “Where others see a problem, we see potential. Our work is sustainable, innovative and effective.” 

A central passion for us at Fast Future is how we create positive futures for children and young people in a  fast  changing and turbulent world where their needs can all too easily  get  overlooked. We have been looking for a charity to support that  works   successfully with the most marginalised and hard to reach – for  whom  effective interventions can facilitate truly transformative change. So  we were delighted to be introduced to Street Kids International  (SKI) and learn about their excellent work. SKI works with local delivery organisations such as NGOs to equip street youth with the skills and support they require to either start and expand small businesses, get a job, or return to education. 

700 million young people globally are living in poverty. SKI provides these young people with  access to training and opportunities, supporting them to earn a decent living and change their own lives.  SKI is a charity launched in Canada that has been working with young people in the developing world for 25 years. In the 5 years since its inception, Street Kids UK has connected with over 4000 street-affected youth between the ages of 15 and 25, in India, Ethiopia, Brazil and Ecuador and Uganda. SKI’s main programmes centre around delivering Train the Trainer workshops with local organisations and their staff on the delivery of participatory livelihoods training for marginalised youth.

We will be working with and supporting SKI in a number of ways going forward. What has been truly amazing is the level of interest that has already been shown by the  people we’ve mentioned SKI to in recent weeks and the desire to get involved and help make a contribution to an excellent initiative. If the initiative is of interest, we’d encourage you to get in touch and explore how best you can contribute.

As you can imagine, SKI is open to ideas on how best you can get involved and relies on the support of donors, fundraisers, corporate sponsors and volunteers. There are a range of volunteering opportunities. For example, SKI is currently looking for brand ambassadors and people who can help to research, analyse, structure and evaluate various strategic development options they are considering. Finally SKI is launching three new initiatives that are mentioned below and would welcome all offers of support.

Street Source – This is an innovative youth job readiness programme, offering job readiness training, integrated work placement, and on-the-job mentoring to disadvantaged and marginalised youth.  Street Source makes critical connections between participants and local industry and business, connecting trainees with fair wage employers in their communities.  Street Source offers life opportunities for youth, their families and communities to escape the cycle of poverty. The pilot project in Pune India saw 98% of participants secure gainful employment. The project is currently being extended in India and the Philippines.

SKI UK is looking for financial support to extend the initiative and for employers who are interested in taking part.

Make Change  – SKI is launching an initiative to try and get UK school children interested in the challenges facing street kids around the world, and using similar techniques, provide opportunities for students to develop their enterprise, advocacy and fundraising skills, and to interact with members of the private sector. The aim is to inspire young people in the UK to recognize the agency they have to take positive action to impact and support street youth across the globe, while acquiring valuable life and small business skills through practical experience. The goal is to reach 10,000 children within three years and then scale up to make the programme available across the whole country and potentially in other countries as well.

SKI UK is looking for financial support for the pilot initiative and for people to help develop the initiative and take it out to schools.

Impact Evaluation – As part of the next stage of its development, SKI would like to undertake a detailed evaluation of its work around the world. Using a clearly defined ‘Theory of Change’ and indicator framework, the aim is to develop an evaluation framework, research methodology and tools to measure the impact of SKI programmes at local, national and international levels for youth, youth workers and local NGOs. Survey work will need to be undertaken in each of the five countries (India, Ethiopia, Brazil and Ecuador and Uganda) where SKI UK has worked and the results analysed to assess the impact and feed back into the continuous refinement of SKI’s training materials and methods.

SKI UK is looking for consultants who can help develop the theory of change and research tools, conduct the survey in each country  and analyse the findings. This support could be provided by a single firm or by individuals operating in the relevant countries.

If you would like to offer your assistance, get further details on the three projects mentioned, or explore ideas on how you can get involved, please contact the Executive Director of Street Kids International UK – Philippa Frankl 

Facebook:  streetkidsuk

YouTube:  streetkidsintl channel

Twitter: @streetkidsuk

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